Preventative Maintenace

Scheduling maintenance services for your heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality systems is important—there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We’re an HVAC company, but we’re realistic, so we realize that maintenance services are probably not the number one thing on your to-do-list. If nothing seems wrong with your HVAC system, scheduling maintenance service can seem like a waste. However, this is the type of thinking that will cause you to end up in the middle of a nasty system breakdown.

We’re big proponents of maintenance services and consider them a necessity, so we make sure to price them as such. When you join our Service Club Member, you’ll know you’re getting the best service possible at the right price and you’ll even receive discounts and benefits. Contact our team today to schedule HVAC maintenance services in Pinal & Maricopa Counties and the surrounding area.


What does a Service Club Membership include:

You can think of our Service Club Membership as an insurance plan for your air conditioner and heater, the SCM plan includes:

  • Two maintenance tune-ups (one in preparation for winter and another in preparation for summer)
  • A 15% discount on all service repair
  • A 5% discount on equipment replacement
  • Priority scheduling (when you call in you jump to the front of the line)
    Money saved on utility costs
    Improved indoor air quality

When homeowners think about maintenance services, they often think about it as just another expense. But did you know that maintenance can actually save you money? Here’s how:

Lowered Likelihood of a Breakdown: When you have a professional assess your system, they can address any small problems before they become big issues. This means that it’s much less likely that you’ll encounter an expensive and inconvenient breakdown.

Save Money: When you have your system serviced regularly it ensures that you’re always running your system at peak efficiency. When your system runs at peak efficiency, you’ll benefit from lower bills.

Extend Your System Lifespan: The average HVAC system lasts anywhere from 12 to 16 years and a well-maintained system lasts much longer than a poorly maintained one. If you want your system to perform well for years to come, make sure you contact our team.

If you’d like to enroll in our maintenance program, contact us at 520-494-0380 today and ask about our Service Club Membership.

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1. Lubricate motors
2. Check fan belts
3. Change filters, standard pleated filters included.
4. Check evaporator air temperatures
5. Check wiring & connections
6. Check refrigerant charge
7. Check operating pressures
8. Check voltage and AMP draw
9. Clean condensate line
10. Check performance of system
11. Check contactor points
12. Check pressure switches
13. Clean condenser coil
14. Check temperature differential



1. Lubricate Motors
2. Adjust controls if needed
3. Check fan belts
4. Change filters, standard pleated filters included.
5. Check air temperature rise
6. Check wiring & connections
7. Clean burners
8. Check for gas leaks in furnace
9. Check heat exchanger for cracks
10. Check performance of system
11. Check heat strips
12. Check heat pump in heating mode
13. Check heat pump in defrost


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